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Our experience tells us that one addict working with another can make a difference in ones recovery. You can request for someone in recovery to meet with you or you loved one. We can help facilitate you or a loved ones placement into treatment, detox, or sober living. Coming from someone who has made it into recovery from addiction can have a lasting positive impact. Fill out the request from to have our organization come talk to you or a loved one and start the recovery process today.

Addiction is a disorder affecting a wide range of people. It doesn’t discriminate based on occupation, income, race, culture or personal willpower. Anyone can develop an addiction.

If any of the following apply, you may have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol:

– Trouble controlling how much of a substance is taken
– Trouble controlling how often a substance is taken
– Trouble controlling how long a substance is taken
– Life has become to difficult to manage
– Psychical withdrawal from substances

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