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5 Gifts Recovering Addicts Should Give Their Mothers

Thank Your Mom for Her Support with These Five Simple Gifts

Are you in recovery and having trouble time finding a Mother’s Day gift for your mom? You should be careful not to let the stress of trying to find the perfect gift trigger a relapse. After all, the last thing your mom would want is for you to stumble on her account.

We want to help you take the stress out of your Mother’s Day preparation by giving you some gift ideas. Moms do a lot to support the recovery process, and we have come up with five great ways to thank them.

Here are five simple gestures to show your mom appreciation and love this Mother’s Day:

1. Spend Quality Time with Her

When was the last time you spent quality time with your mom? And we’re not just talking about being around her; we’re talking about interacting with her in a meaningful way.

Picture of mother and daughter going for a walk.Chances are it has been too long since you bonded with your mom. Your addiction likely made it hard for you to have a deep conversation or be in the moment with your mom. The cravings tend to distract and make deep relationships nearly impossible.

But now that you’re in recovery, you have a chance to right those former wrongs. You can do so by making plans to spend the day with your mom doing something she enjoys. Try to make it an activity where you’ll be able to interact, talk, and enjoy each other’s company.

It will mean the world to your mom if you block out all distractions and focus solely on her. You’ll also benefit greatly from being in the moment with this woman who cares for you so much. Take the opportunity to bond with her; you won’t regret it.

2. Let Her Support You

Mothers of addicts often feel helpless in the face of their children’s struggles. They want to make it all better, but the reality is they can only do so much. Still, it helps them to feel like they can make a positive impact.

When you were deep in the throes of addiction, you were likely unaware of how helpless your mom felt. Or perhaps you knew about it but didn’t care. Either way, the good news is you can make up for your past behavior now that you’re sober.

Your mom desperately wants to help you on your recovery journey, so let her help! Communicate to her about how you’re feeling and let her speak wisdom over you. Go to her for support when you’re feeling tempted to use. It will make her feel good to know she can play a positive role in your life.

3. Tell Her What She Means to You

Don’t assume your mom knows how grateful you are for her undying support. After all, you probably weren’t very good at expressing gratitude when you were under the influence. So, she could be unaware that you’re thankful at all. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make your feelings known to her.

Telling your mom what she means to you could be as simple as saying it. However, if you don’t feel comfortable stating it directly, you can also get creative. Write it to her in a letter, a poem, or if you’re musically inclined, a song. You could also make her something to symbolize her standing in your life, such as a scrapbook or painting. The options are as endless as your imagination.

Whatever you do, make sure your message to her is evident. She has had a significant impact on your life and deserves to know it.

4. Become Financially Independent

It’s completely understandable to accept financial support from your parents during the initial stages of recovery. But before too long you need to regain your independence.

Picture of a mother and son smiling together.Your mom will likely never tell you that your reliance on her finances is burdensome. After all, as we established earlier, moms love to feel like they can support their children. And funding your recovery is a very tangible way to help you. However, you and she both know that your dependence on her patronage should be only temporary.

Therefore, one of the best gifts you could give your mom this Mother’s Day is working your way back toward financial autonomy. Find that job you promised her you’d find. Start a savings account and be responsible with your money. Whatever small step you can take will mean a lot to your mom. Although she may not express it out loud, she will certainly appreciate your efforts.

5. Stay Sober and Take Care of Yourself

Having a child trapped in addiction is a terrifying experience for a mom. It’s hard to fathom just how much worry and anxiety a mother must face as she hopes and prays for her child’s recovery.

When you think about it that way, it’s plain to see that the greatest gift you could give your mom is your continued health and sobriety. She is eternally grateful to have you alive and well. Nothing could matter more.

So, this Mother’s Day, remember that you are loved by a woman who supported you even when you refused to help yourself. Make sure her efforts don’t go unrewarded by taking care of yourself and thanking her every chance you get. And don’t feel pressured to give her the perfect gift. All she wants is you; everything else is icing on the cake.

What are you getting for your mom for Mother’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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