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Is Sober Living Right for Me?

Sober homes are growing in popularity and essential for today’s society. With the opioid epidemic taking the lives of thousands in the U.S. each day, it is important that we are aware of our options. Addiction and alcoholism currently grips 23.5 million people in the U.S. Unfortunately only 10% of them actually receive the help they need. With a little more understanding of what we can do, there is still hope for a better life for those suffering from addiction. Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction? A sober living home may be the right solution for you.


What is a Sober Living Home?

Sober living homes have been around since the 1970’s, when they were occupied mainly by alcoholics. They were implemented as a last resort for those suffering and wanting a change. As time went on, those who were addicted to other types of mind altering substances began to fill up these living residences accounting for quite the expansion and growing popularity for these homes.

While sober homes are ran by accredited substance abuse professionals, they are not the same thing as a rehabilitation or rehab center. These homes are set up as a way to help recovering addicts get their foot in the door of everyday life after addiction has stripped everything away. Quite often, recovering addicts do not have a place to go after they are released from rehab. This gives them a second step to figure out their next move while maintaining sobriety.

Sober living homes are unique in that they range from a family-setting style of only a few people (such as roommates) to an entire apartment complex of addicts trying to maintain sobriety. Studies have shown that the smaller, more intimate living arrangements produce more positive results.

Of course, there are rules one must obey in order to maintain residency in such home.


What Rules do Sober Living Homes Require?

The rules may differ from each home. However, the rules in place are meant to help the addict learn how to live a substance-free life. Each member agrees to a set of rules upon arrival and any violations will result in consequences ranging from making an amends to being asked to leave the home.

The two most common rules among sober living homes include:

  1. The resident must remain sobriety throughout the duration of their stay which typically ranges from 6 months to 1 year. In some homes, residents are not allowed to use alcohol-containing products such as mouthwash or vanilla extract.
  2. A common rule among sober living homes is that residents should complete daily chores around home. This not only makes everyone’s life easier but helps educate them about being a productive member of society.

Other common rules are:

  1. Regularly attend a 12-step program
  2. Be considerate of other residents / no violence
  3. Follow a curfew
  4. Keep sleeping area clean
  5. No Pets
  6. No weapons
  7. No lending money to other residents
  8. No relationships with other residents
  9. No smoking on premises


Who is a Candidate for a Sober Living Home?

Typically residents for sober living homes are those who have already under-gone treatment such as going through rehab and or detox. Most often these homes will require that the resident already has acquired some sobriety time before moving in as an assurance that they are willing to comply. There are some cases where someone with little to no time can enter the home if there is an understanding between all parties.

It can be quite difficult for newly sober addicts to stay sober without proper support and rehabilitation. Sober living homes are very beneficial to those who want to live full sober lives. They not only provide the strict support one needs to stay sober, they will also help give addicts a kick-start into real life. Residents can also support each other as they go through the process together.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction please request help now. The Other side is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping struggling addicts get sober and live better lives.


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