The Other Side Offers These Services To The Crystal Lake Community


Here at The Other Side, we like to mix up our schedule with live events to keep things exciting. We strive to offer something for everyone, including:

  • Movie Nights,
  • Holiday Parties, and
  • Live Bands and DJs

We’re also open every weekend, though since the venue is substance-free, it’s a safe place to hang out any night of the week. You can shoot pool, play darts or ping pong, dance to some music, watch a big game, and have a good time. Our “Dry Bar” is even stocked with nonalcoholic drinks to enjoy along with a new coffee bar!

Recovery Group

In recovery, it’s often difficult to find much-needed resources and people who understand. The Other Side hosts a Recovery Group as a space where people can fulfill both those needs in a compassionate environment. We typically go around the room, sharing issues that we may be encountering at our current stage of the recovery process. The group helps talk through and address each issue, and offers solutions based off our collective experience. In this way, it acts as a first step to direct people to the help and guidance they need.


In this section of the site, we share many of the resources and organizations we’ve discovered to be of use over the years. These include recovery groups, annual events, and directories of treatment centers and recovery homes. If The Other Side and its affiliates don’t offer a service you’re looking for, this is a good place to continue your search.


The Other Side has implemented a tiered membership program with multiple available levels of membership. We wanted everyone to be able to access The Other Side and not be shut out or alienated, but we also wanted to offer members a direct way to contribute to maintaining our facilities if they so choose. Proceeds from your Deluxe membership will help directly offset the monthly costs it takes to operate The Other Side, so you’ll be helping support this substance-free environment and make it as useful and fun as we can!

Are you or someone you know struggling with addiction?