Get Group Support at The Other Side at 7pm Every Tuesday


Do you have a hard time meeting supportive people who understand addiction? Come to the Recovery Group at The Other Side at 7pm every Tuesday and you’ll meet exactly those people.

You’ve experienced the heavy toll that addiction takes on everyone who fights it, whether firsthand or through a family member. We provide a space where you can share your struggles and get support from people who’ve been there.

What Is It Like?

The Other Side’s Recovery Group has a more flexible structure than some other recovery groups out there. We maintain a responsive and open space for discussion so that we can adequately address the diverse needs and experiences of our attendees.

This is a space where you can bring up anything that’s affecting you that you’d like to talk about, including but not limited to:

– Sharing your struggles and fears
– Asking for advice
– Requesting help finding resources
– Celebrating positive growth

If you don’t know what to do, we help you find the first steps toward a solution. If, for example, your child has just left rehab, or if your loved one is in jail on drug charges, we help you plan your next move. Through collaborative troubleshooting, we provide you with resources and advice to help you move in the right direction.

We do everything we can to support each other, even when it’s only emotional support.

What Are People Saying About The Recovery Group?

“I’ve never seen another recovery group where people are this real and vulnerable with each other. Hearing a mother discuss her worries about her son’s addiction helped me realize how my own mom must have felt, and it’s had a lasting impact on me.”Anonymous

What Resources Are Available?

The Recovery Group at The Other Side will often help you navigate your experiences with addiction by referring you to helpful resources in the community. Here’s a list of organizations which we often recommend:

Chicago Area Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) (12-Step Recovery Program)
(312) 346-1475

Refuge Recovery (A Buddhist-Inspired Path to Recovery)

Alateen (Part of Al-Anon, for Younger Family Members and Friends)

Chicagoland Narcotics Anonymous (NA) (12-Step Recovery Program)
(708) 848-4884

Al-Anon (Support Group for Families and Friends of Alcoholics)

Not One More (Resources and Education for Families Battling Addiction)
(805) 242-6662

Smart Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training)
(440) 951-5357

A Man in Recovery Foundation (AMIR) (Support for Families and Individuals Struggling with Heroin and Opioid Addiction)
(844) 611-4673

Are you or someone you know struggling with addiction?